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If core applications are the lifeblood of the corporation, then the network is the circulatory system. Even if the servers are running, poor network performance can severely affect employee productivity. In addition, corporations are under continuous threat from malicious hackers to either steal data or crash the network. The second step in delivering highly available applications and securing data is continuously monitoring, managing and maintaining the 4 key network elements – Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Circuits. Historically, network connectivity and security have proven to be a major headache. Who or what is to blame when the network is down? The router? The ISP? The Telco? How do you know if your networks are under attack? Without the proper software tools and the trained personnel to monitor them 24×7, network downtime and security are huge threats to the organization’s bottom line. Where can companies turn to cost effectively secure their networks 24×7? Infotek can help improve your network management.

Infotek provides customized 24×7 network monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Telco Circuits to meet these challenges. Through economies of scale, Infoteks’ trained technicians can virtually eliminate network downtime while drastically reducing network support costs by 30% or more.

Key Benefits to our Network Management & Monitoring Service

  • Eliminate downtime and associated costs
  • Save 30% or more on network support costs
  • Single Point of Contact for network management provides accountability and speedy resolutions
  • Free-up your personnel for projects that build value for your organization
  • Off-hours monitoring and maintenance for peace of mind
  • Accountability – Enforceable Service Level Agreements customized to the client’s business needs


Network Maintenance

Infotek routinely performs essential maintenance on all of our client’s network elements. Routine maintenance includes deploying IOS and firmware upgrades, and software patches.


Network Management Services

Infotek provides strict control over network configurations, processes, and IP addressing. A single error in IP configuration can severely affect network performance. By providing change management controls over network configurations, our trained technicians can prevent network issues caused by human error. Additionally, Infotek provides relationship management and troubleshooting with the customer’s telco vendors and insures that they are meeting their Service Level Agreement.


Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Before deployment, Infoteks’ engineers perform a thorough assessment, creating baseline thresholds for the performance of each network device. Infotek then deploys state-of-the-art monitoring tools through a highly secure connection. When a network device exceeds the established thresholds, the monitoring tools send automatic alerts to our certified network technicians. Upon receiving the alert, Infotek’s network technicians immediately begin troubleshooting the problem until it is resolved – quickly fixing a small problem before it becomes a large one.

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