Email Server and Mobile Device Support

How much more productive would you be with bullet-proof email security and availability?


Infotek provides guaranteed uptime of your email services, along with threat protection from viruses, spam and malware.

    • State of the Art Security Filtering
    • Policy based spam, virus, content and attachment filtering
    • Disaster Recovery mail spooling for 5 days with notification
    • Award winning 99.7% spam capture rate


Are unsolicited Spam, viruses and phishing attempts plaguing your organization’s inboxes and making it difficult to stay ahead of messaging threats?  How much time do you spend dealing with these issues on a daily basis in your own inbox, and what is the real monthly cost of lost productivity to you, were you to multiply that by the number of staff you employ? Are you concerned about e-mail regulatory compliance? According to the American Management Association, 1 in 5 employers has had their e-mail subpoenaed. Are your local and remote staff’s e-mail challenges affecting productivity, client relationships and profits?

Our hosted e-mail solution:

    • Eliminates virus, spam and phishing threats before they reach your network
    • Provides e-mail that is always available with an uptime guarantee
    • Enables rapid recovery from unplanned disasters and network outages
    • Meets regulatory compliance requirements for e-mail retention and reporting
    • Delivers a Secure Messaging solution with full e-mail encryption
    • Improves communications, task management and collaboration between staff and clients
    • Deploys quickly without up-front capital investment and reduces maintenance costs

We mitigate messaging risks before they reach your network, reduce e-mail cost and complexity along with up-front capital investments, and help you address your compliance challenges.   

How could your organization benefit from an effective hosted e-mail communications solution?


The business world is changing quickly, and our solution eliminates the need to make large capital investments to protect and maintain secure communications between your staff and your clients. We provide you the opportunity to leverage technology to receive the same benefits that enterprise businesses use to communicate, schedule, manage tasks and remain informed about critical business issues and events without the enterprise cost. Allow us to help protect you from threats and disasters, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiencies and productivity and save on costs while growing your business with our e-mail solution? 

Message Continuity

60 rolling days of full featured webmail access in the event your server is unavailable.  Once your server is restored, messages are delivered and maintain the status of read, unread, delete, and sent. 

    • Message Archiving and Compliance 
    • Quickly deployed hosted solution to fully meet the compliance standards. 
    • Compliant solutions for FINRA/NASD, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, and more.
    • Easy Administration 
    • No hardware or software to install
    • Spam Quarantine Report emails allow end users to manage their own spam
    • Easy yet powerful web console with role-based permissions, allowing administrators complete control
    • World Class Support 24x7x365


Our support team is always available when you need them via web, email, or phone .  Take advantage of these easily attainable benefits without high set up costs

With the shifting of the way individuals communicate, conduct business more and more businesses need an efficient mobile device to access email, contacts, and calendars. CCS service engineers can assist with connecting mobile devices that synchronize with your business software, calendar and contacts.

Employees rely on communicating with each other using their mobile devices and they need to be able to do it precisely and promptly. If employees are able to capture mail on their phone they work more productively and this allows them to obtain crucial information when they need it. Whether your preferred mobile device is a Windows Palm, BlackBerry or IPhone CCS can connect your device to your network and support it.

Empower your employees and increase productivity. Let us show you how to add a collaborative approach to your organization allowing all workers to share critical information and manage documents more efficiently than ever before.  Add a collaborative approach to content management across all of your business units and improve your organization’s effectiveness, efficiencies and net profits.

Get more out of your information!

Make better-informed decisions through centralized access to information and improved abilities to locate relevant content; implement comprehensive control over the storage, security, distribution, reuse, and management of documents and other electronic content such as Web pages, PDF files, and e-mail messages; submit work from collaborative sites to portals by using tools that simplify content reuse and publishing.

Streamline your business processes

Accelerate internal and external shared business processes, share business information within and outside of your organization; make business process initiation, participation, tracking, and reporting easy and flexible by providing a simple, consistent user experience through familiar client applications; optimize the way people, content, and processes interact within and across organizations.

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