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Past Jobs
  • Migration from Novel email and authentication environment to Microsoft Server 2008 active directory and Exchange 2010 email environment
  • Lotus Notes to Outlook conversions
  • Hosted Exchange Implementations (as well migrations from local to hosted Exchange, and migrations from POP3/IMAP to hosted Exchange environments)
  • Virtualization projects – Decrease the hardware footprint of an organization by virtualizing key server services
  • Cisco Router configurations for internet failover (a higher percent uptime), VPN, and firewalling
  • Seamless integration of Windows applications on a Mac OS X platform for users that need the best of both worlds
  • Unique computer setups for power users that demand more screens, and more horse power out of their machines
  • Non – hardware related hard drive recovery
  • Provide quick turn around in providing secure wireless internet access at hosted events
  • Migrate users from PC to Mac and from Mac to PC
  • Create wireless mesh networking for large areas that need seamless wireless internet access
  • Email us for more examples



Jorge A.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Boris Kleyman and his group, Infotek.

I have known and worked with Boris for close to seven years. I have interacted both at a professional level, as well as a personal level, and he is well regarded and respected amongst his peers and friends, has a great disposition, and is a pleasure to be around.

Boris is extremely reliable and knowledgeable in all aspects of a corporate network. He has knowledge of computers, IT devices, and business processes second to none.

While in the position of head of the IT Operations worldwide at my company, Boris and Infotek were instrumental in assisting us in the installation and setup of Exchange and SQL clustering Servers and services to create redundancy for our email system and customized software written originally in MS Access and migrated to SQL at a remote location.

Based on their qualities and standards, I know that Boris and his Infotek group will be a great asset to any endeavors that any corporation may be pursuing. They are certainly the kind of team I would recommend without reservations.


Arthur Dimarsky

Infotek is a life saver. I am in the tax preparation business and during tax season my computer system can’t be down.

The other day, my trusted system crushed. How? Why? I was not able to get into my most important program. My QuickBooks software just would not open. I called tech support and after 2 hours on the phone, NOTHING. I had to find an alternative. A friend of mine used Infotek previously and suggested I call them. I am glad i did. Their technician was able to get into my computer system, remotely from their office, and I was able to access my program.

Now Infotek is on my speed dial.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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